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The Beautiful You :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 1 0
I could tell you a lie, and it would still be our little secret.
I could tell you the truth, and the whole world might know.
I could grab you, touch, and penetrate your mind.
I could feel you, explore, and still fumble at your strands.
I could look, admire, and melt in your awe.
I could stare, shock, and convince you your mine.
I could listen, hear, soft sweet summer notes.
I could intrude, misinterpret, and linger on tweet.
You could have me, love me, touch me and smile.
You could tell me you need me; and I’ll be at your feet.
I can break you, hurt, and be in pain again.
You will forgive me, realising, you love me all the same.
I could tell you a lie, and it would be our little secret.
I will tell you the truth, and I want you to know.
:iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 1 0
Out in London. :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 4 The Christmas Rush :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 0 The London Eye :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 1 0 Carnaby Street :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 2 1 Regent Street :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 1
Imagine a sound so soft it’s almost deafening. The pain is incredible but seductively transfixing; everything around you has absorbed into one pulsating rhythm. Your heart is no longer yours; it belongs on the dance floor. Whose dance floor is that? You decide.
Even when the beat has evaporated out of life, you are always there, etching away like a hand to a drum. Each hit, soft and gradually getting harder, stronger, louder, faster, it is more intense than the last; I’m in a hypnotised state, the ones that were so common with the psychedelic sound of the sixties. However, I’m not in the sixties, I’m here, now, breathing, living, but decaying to the pain that you produce.
You don’t know it yet, but your number one on my chart; you haven’t sold a single record, but that doesn’t matter here. My ears are bleeding from the continuous loop I have you on, and even when I do change the record, nothing is in comparison. I often wonder what is it that has me t
:iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 2 4
Gene Hunt - Wallpaper :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 28 14 'Collapse' - Movie Posters :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 2 12
God in a Cell.
Knife in hand, I felt powerful.  I am a superstar. I am a genius. You are now my victim.
Around me the glittering pavements shone more brightly than ever, the Cat trying to hide, casting a sarcastic smile at me, it new what I wanted. It new I wanted death.
My eyes turned to my victim, she shook ferociously. Me? I’m still, composed, the image of the squashed fly made me stronger. The Goldfish made me stronger. Standing here made me weak.
My victim began to cry. What a pointless expression. I laughed at her, she was weak, and she was futile. No one was around to hear her, my road is silent, and I wished it like that, so it was. Children never spoke when the walked past my door. Cats never entered my front garden, and the elderly crossed the street. I made them do this, and I now made this woman cry.
The woman was disposed of. She was of no use to me; why do I need futile people to beg to me? I am God; she was the result of what is wrong in this world. She had to go, she di
:iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 3 12
The Chosen Tree :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 9 Sunday Drive :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 2 14 Deviant ID: Samantha :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 4 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 1 10 Freedom Crown :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 0 20

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Splash of Beauty :iconcolourless-calamity:Colourless-Calamity 6 21 S A T I S F A C T I O N :icond4m:d4m 150 52


Wow, wow, wow!

I've had such an epic week. In fact, "epic" doesn't go far enough to describe how amazing an experience this last week, and overall, the past couple of months have been for me.

See, back in October last year, I went with the Holocaust Education Trust (HET), on a one day trip to Poland. I attended the trip with one of my History teachers, and another student from my school, David.

Before the trip we had a briefing seminar, where I heard Ziggi (a Holocaust survivor) speak. It was at that point, where I think I realised what I had gotten myself in for. Tragic, heart-breaking, disgusting, and painful, do not go far enough to describe the atrocity of his experiences.

Then, came the trip. I can't describe it; I still can't bring myself to actually think about the day, as I end up in a fit of tears. It has to be one of the single most emotional days of my life. Walking around Auschwitz I, and Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz II), brought such an immense, and important part of history to life. Standing on the tracks, where millions of prisoners were transported into the camps, only to die. Standing in their bunkers, where they lived in conditions unimaginable to our lives that we live. Walking around a gas chamber, being in the same room where thousands died. It's horrific.

Then came a follow-up Seminar. This was to be the last part of the trip; all of the students are told to go and spread what they've learnt through the "Lessons from Auschwitz" project.

Then a couple of weeks ago, just as David and I were preparing our assemblies for our follow-up work, HET get in contact. We've been invited up to London to do a speech. This'll be with Mayor Boris Johnson. (This'll be happening Tuesday 26th January).

As you might imagine, I was pretty ecstatic. Boris! I love the man!

Then, last week I got another phonecall from HET. Could David and I do a presentation up in London again? Sure, I say!

So we get upto London, and we end up doing a presentation to about two hundred people. There are Lords present, as well as the press, a handful of MPs and about a dozen Holocaust Survivors (not to mention, my very emotional History teacher).

Following our little presentation, one of the workers from HET informs us that on Friday (22nd), we might be asked to do something else. Details had to be finalised, but it could happen!

Thursday 21st. I'm walking to my History lesson, and the history teacher who attended Auschwitz with David and I, comes up to me jumping around - "You're going to Downing Street!" We all got over excited, I think I might have even mini-screamed with excitement.

So Friday, off I go to Downing Street. I go through Number 10, walk around inside, go up the stair-case of portraits, wait, and finally meet Mr. Brown himself!

He shakes my hand. We all introduce each other, and the Holocaust survivors speak. Then he speaks to me! We had photos taken, and he gave me a signed book!

I also got to meet Sarah Brown. She was very nice, and I had a long chat with her about school and university. I had a few photos taken with her too!

I then got to go on a mini-tour of Downing Street. I even got to sit on the Prime Minister's Cabinet seat!

Following that, Lord Janner - who co-founded HET - took us all out to lunch at Parliament! Dare I say it, the best meal I've ever had!

We finished the day with a tour around the Houses of Parliament by Janner's assistant. I went into Lords and Commons!

So yeah, I've had a pretty damn amazing week! Plus, I still have Boris to look forward to on Tuesday! (Oh, and I've had an exam aswell, and I still have another one to go).

You can see me on the front page of Downing Street's website - - Not the best photo of me ever, but even so!

I'm actually still excited, I can't bring myself to revise for my last exam, which is on Monday!

I'll post some pictures when I get the ones through from the HET photographer. Also, I think (if I can) I'll bring myself to look through the Auschwitz photos I took on the day.

I hope everyone else has had a good week too! :)

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Basically, they set you a task each day and you complete it! Simple. :D It's good fun. I don't really have time, but am still doing it - I'm only a few behind I think, haha!

Hope you're well & 'enjoying' being back at school as much as is possible! :P

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Hope you got what you wanted!!

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